At IndustryStar we view suppliers as true partners; an integral part of our success. Together we will optimize, design, and manufacture world-class products, adopt lean philosophies and embrace environmentally-responsible practices.


IndustryStar Supply Opportunities

Our rapidly-expanding buy spans vast capability needs from engineering services to aluminum castings, across a growing list of industries from automotive to medical device. We are constantly working to identify new potential supply partners to meet open supply needs.

IndustryStar Supply Chain Solutions Organization

The Supply Chain Solutions organization at IndustryStar is responsible for global procurement, production control, manufacturing, quality, logistics and warehousing. Our goal is to align with best-in-class suppliers worldwide to bring industry-leading technologies to our customer’s revolutionary products. Our organization’s mission is to “Create an industry-leading Supply Chain strategic advantage for our customers that ensures the right part/service is delivered at the right value at the right time.”

Become an IndustryStar Preferred Supply Partner Today!

Whether you are an experienced supplier, new to the industry, or just new to us, IndustryStar is open to all suppliers. Our identification, qualification and sourcing decisions are based purely on business and technical considerations. We view our supply partners as an extension of our enterprise, and actively partner with them to continuously improve operations by collaborating to develop their capabilities, quality, and delivery performance.
To become an IndustryStar preferred supply partner submit your company information to [email protected].

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