Organizations manage vast global supply bases that can be overwhelming, costly, and risky to build and maintain entirely in-house.

IndustryStar partners with your company as an extension of your team to identify, assess, and qualify potential suppliers to expedite product commercialization.


Supply Base Building

Our cloud supply chain software technology efficiently and effectively identifies ideal supply partners that meet your company’s specific prototype and production services, component, system, equipment, and tooling supply needs.

Most businesses spend 80 percent of their COGS with 20 percent of their suppliers, which is why it is critical to free up time to foster deep relationships with top supply partners. We subscribe to a continuous improvement mindset akin to gardening your supply base; by utilizing our Supply Performance FrameworkTM, we maintain a healthy number of supply partners for each spending category.

When leveraged as part of a supplier development program, supply base optimization can dramatically speed up the implementation and improve the performance of lean supply chain initiatives.

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