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calendar_today May 20, 2020 person William Crane label Supply Chain Risk Management

Stages of rapid change require predictive information so we can take swift action to win in the future. Act now to track the right metrics across your tiered supply base to enable proactive supplier risk management to thrive during times of economic volatility.

calendar_today Apr 28, 2020 person William Crane label Supply Chain Risk Management

As a wide range of industries turn on production lines after the mandated COVID-19 shutdowns, they’ll do so with strained supply bases. We must quickly embrace our new normal and reduce supply risk if our businesses are to succeed in the days ahead.

calendar_today Aug 9, 2018 person Justin Coffin label Supply Chain Risk Management

Whether or not purchasing teams will succeed in their efforts to build strategic alliances to reduce risk comes down to how effectively they understand their supply bases through segmentation.

calendar_today Jul 28, 2018 person Sime Curkovic label Supply Chain Risk Management

Our recent study of a sample of manufacturers identified why documenting and analyzing supply chain risk must be an essential part of continuous improvement.

calendar_today Oct 31, 2016 person William Crane label Supplier Development

Due to the immense resources required to bring complex products to market on a global scale, supply chain professionals must foster earlier and closer supply-partner relationships to stimulate the intimate collaboration needed to realize the mutual value that can be created from lean extended-enterprise concepts.

calendar_today Sep 19, 2016 person Sime Curkovic label Strategy

Companies who fully integrate a formal environmental management system (EMS) can reap significant benefits internally and externally in terms of a sustainable supply chain strategy, while other plants struggle with sustainable development, integration, and compliance.

calendar_today Jul 29, 2016 person Tony Lancione label Strategy

The best performing supply chain operations in the world didn’t start out as highly efficient profit centers. Through struggle and sometimes failure, leading companies have refined, adapted, and improved processes to meet the needs of the organization and customers.

calendar_today Mar 14, 2016 person Sime Curkovic label Supply Chain

This blog post is the continuation of our Identifying the Factors for Successfully Managing Supply Chain Risks – Factor 4 – Performance Metrics (Part 4 of 5) research post. Our recent study to better understand supply chain risks focused on the structure, implementation, and maintenance of a formal system for managing risks in the supply chain.

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