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Competitive Bidding Round Strategy
Sep 26, 2022 Sime Curkovic Procurement

Enhance your firms short and long term future by establishing a single round of competitive bidding and then partnering with your supply partners to drive cost out of your supply chain.

Sep 19, 2022 Sime Curkovic Strategy

Companies who fully integrate a formal environmental management system (EMS) can reap significant benefits internally and externally in terms of a sustainable supply chain strategy, while other plants struggle with sustainable development, integration, and compliance.

Sep 16, 2022 Tony Lancione Procurement

Too often supply partners are chosen for the wrong reasons or for short-term gains. Understanding a potential metal stamping supply partner’s capabilities, experience, pricing, and location will put you and your company in the best position to win for the long term.

Supplier Sourcing Assessments
Sep 12, 2022 William Crane Procurement

Leading product companies are looking for every possible edge to compress timelines to bring products to market ahead of the competition. At the same time, procurement professionals must accomplish more with fewer resources while maintaining a continuous supply of raw materials and components. Attaining the right good at the right time, place, quality, terms, cost, and risk level has never been more challenging.

Sep 9, 2022 Sime Curkovic Information Systems

The ability to manage data to support business projects are the key to success in many disciplines. Business analytics will provide a comprehensive skill set for supply chain professionals and future supply chain graduates to analyze, visualize and report data.

ISM Manufacturing Index
Sep 5, 2022 Sime Curkovic Manufacturing

Each month the Institute of Supply Management makes a calculation called the ISM MFG Index. The U.S. government takes this calculation very seriously, and many companies track it for future planning purposes. Making sure you know how to interpret this number can help you with that same purpose.

PPAP Complex Timing Process
Sep 2, 2022 Tony Lancione Manufacturing

Appropriately planning for the time need to complete each PPAP element during the production launch planning stage of new products is critical to ensure products are launched on time and to quality requirements. In our experience conducting both a top down and bottom up estimate of the time needed to PPAP each critical component and system in an end product results in ultimately the most accurate PPAP timelines.

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