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Jan 25, 2023 Tony Lancione Procurement

Every supplier is unique in their own way; however it’s the ones that share the following traits that make them best-in-class, and separate them from the competition.

Process Management
Jan 18, 2023 Sime Curkovic Strategy

This blog post is the continuation of our Identifying the Factors for Successfully Managing Supply Chain Risks - Factor 2 – Supply Chain Organization (Part 2 of 5) research post. Our recent study to better understand supply chain risks focused on the structure, implementation, and maintenance of a formal system for managing risks in the supply chain.

Jan 11, 2023 William Crane Logistics

Who said logistics is a stand-alone function of the supply chain? Over the past decade, consumer electronics has become one of the fastest growing but also most volatile markets. With its quickly evolving technology and short product lifespans the ability to adapt, particularly with logistics, is a key factor for a company’s long-term sustainability.

Jan 4, 2023 William Crane Commercialization

Until recently I would have cringed seeing the word “Disruptive” anywhere near “Supply Chain.” This pause for concern is a result of the now common industry phase “Supply Chain Disruption” which is utilized to describe everything from a localized component supply disruption to a global supply disruption with multiple suppliers due to a natural disaster.

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