Supply Performance SystemTM

Our leading-edge, Supply Performance SystemTM (SPS) cloud software application expedites, optimizes, and de-risks new product commercialization by enhancing collaboration, communication, and visibility.

SPSTM Benefits

Expedite Program Timelines

through our software’s customizable business process automation best practices

Improve Collaboration

with peers by tracking and managing Tracked SuppliersTM on our software

Optimize Costs

by identifying and qualifying suppliers through our software’s global supplier database

Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

by internally rating suppliers and leveraging visibility into company crowd-sourced supplier ratings

Enhance Communication

through our software’s intuitive project management tools

Increase Visibility

by tracking and organizing supplier engagement statuses via Supplier SetsTM

Software Screenshot Expedite Program Timelines
Software Screenshot Optimize Costs
Software Screenshot Mitigate Supply Chain Risk
Software Screenshot Improving Collaboration
Software Screenshot Enhance Visibility

SPSTM Features

Built on decades of industry experience at high-growth technology companies, IndustryStar’s SPSTM software provides the following performance-improving features:

Global Supplier Search
Customizable Dashboard
Tracked Supplier Management
Project Management
Supplier Assessments
Business Process Automation
Supplier Ratings
Contact Management
Supplier Development

Reliability & Security

We are committed to the protection and privacy of our customers’ data. That’s why our SPSTM software is hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud services platform, Azure, one of the most highly-regarded and secure cloud service providers in the world.

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