Once suppliers are identified and qualified, effective supplier engagement can convert suppliers into supply partners that will co-create value for your organization.

Our Procurement as a Service offering expedites supply base building, provides access to a larger number of global partners, and reduces bill of material costs.


Supplier Identification & QualificationSupplier Identification & Qualification

We identify and qualify world-class suppliers when building your supply base. We understand the importance of partnering with the right supply partners and how it contributes to the development of high-growth technology companies and we work with supply partners across the globe, providing operational reach into new markets. Identifying suppliers is the first step, which is why our team provides you with visibility into the supplier selection and qualification process.

Strategic Procurement

We create a strategic sourcing plan, quote, and source components and contract manufacturers to get your product made. Our team works with suppliers across the globe providing operational reach into new markets.

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