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Plan for Every Part
Sep 22, 2017 William Crane Supply Chain

Football teams watch game film to study what they do well and to identify what needs improvement. Likewise, companies must actively refine their PFEP game plans to position themselves for continued success.

Supply Chain’s Role in Sporting Events
Sep 18, 2017 Justin Coffin Supply Chain

The future of sports and entertainment management will provide new challenges and fan expectations, requiring creative solutions from event and facility planners.

Craft Beer Purchasing Challenges in a Unique Industry
Jun 23, 2017 Justin Coffin Supply Chain

Craft brewers who coordinate purchasing strategies with other local beer makers and stay on top of the spot buy market will reduce the risk of raw material availability and increase their buying power.

Top-10 Supply Chain Blogs
Oct 21, 2016 Ben Ludy Strategy

Being a leader in the supply chain industry means using every tool at your disposal, making smart decisions, and consistently executing to the best of your ability. This starts by being informed of, and staying up to date on, industry trends and news headlines, especially those relevant to your sector, whether your focus is motorsports or consumer packaged goods.

10 Habits of Highly Effective Supply Chain Leaders
Oct 10, 2016 William Crane Strategy

We recently sat down with Ryan Toon, Purchasing Program Manager at Ford Motor Company, to aid our efforts in assembling a list of the top habits every supply chain leader should aspire to exude.

ISM Manufacturing Index
Sep 5, 2016 Sime Curkovic Manufacturing

Each month the Institute of Supply Management makes a calculation called the ISM MFG Index. The U.S. government takes this calculation very seriously, and many companies track it for future planning purposes. Making sure you know how to interpret this number can help you with that same purpose.

5 Supply Chain Certifications You Need
Aug 5, 2016 William Crane Strategy

There are many certifications available for supply chain professionals looking to acquire the skill sets to address the complex supply challenges of today. Certifications also provide added credentials that can allow professionals to advance at their current companies or become more attractive candidates in the job market.

Supply Chain Efficiency
Jul 29, 2016 Tony Lancione Strategy

The best performing supply chain operations in the world didn’t start out as highly efficient profit centers. Through struggle and sometimes failure, leading companies have refined, adapted, and improved processes to meet the needs of the organization and customers.

Core Competency
Jul 4, 2016 Sime Curkovic Strategy

In 1990 C.K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel published The Core Competence of the Corporation that to this day is the most reprinted article in the history of the Harvard Business Review (HBR). It keeps getting reprinted because its premise is still very relevant (perhaps more so today). This core competency article argues that every organization needs to focus all of its scarce, limited, and valuable resources (manpower, machines, money, management, and material – the 5Ms) on being the best at one specific thing (your core competency).

Virtual Supply Chain
Jun 20, 2016 William Crane Strategy

Supply Chain as a Service is a virtual supply chain team enabled by cloud software that supports all or part of a company’s supply chain operations. A virtual Supply Chain as a Service team partners with a company’s existing team to execute procurement, production control, manufacturing, quality, warehousing, and logistics projects or daily operations.

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