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10 Financial Tools for Supplier Risk Assessment
Jan 13, 2018 William Crane Supplier Assessments

Economic shifts are times when you need to be extra attentive to a supplier’s financials and these 10 financial tools will allow your team to quickly assess their risk.

Supplier Assessments - Site Visits and Plant Audits
Oct 20, 2017 Justin Coffin Supplier Assessments

A site walk is an interview with a supplier as much as it is a tour of their facilities and assessing a supplier’s commitment to quality and understanding their work environment is most effective by visiting them on premises.

Competitive Bidding Round Strategy
Sep 26, 2016 Sime Curkovic Procurement

Enhance your firms short and long term future by establishing a single round of competitive bidding and then partnering with your supply partners to drive cost out of your supply chain.

Supplier Assessments Streamline Performance
Aug 29, 2016 William Crane Strategy

The Launch Director of a rocket destined for space relies on a series of signed-off instructions before a rocket is “go for takeoff.” These operational checklists are meticulously reviewed to assure each flight is executed safely and flawlessly. Similarly, manufacturers must maintain a robust process to efficiently and effectively assess suppliers’ capabilities, operations, and financial stability both early in the supply-building stage and post sourcing to ensure successful production launches and ongoing operations.

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