Monthly Archives: March 2018

8 Advantages of Supplier Development
Mar 31, 2018 Tony Lancione Procurement

Implementing and executing a well-designed supplier development program will improve supplier communication, quality, and timing and lead to better all-around supplier relationships.

3 Tips to Eliminate Hidden Shipping Costs
Mar 23, 2018 Andy Tankanow Logistics

These three simple changes will not only cut your shipping costs, but will also improve your shipping process efficiency and delivery times.

5 Actions for a Distressed Supplier Management Plan
Mar 19, 2018 Chris Walling Supplier Quality

Prevent delivery delays and increased costs by incorporating these 5 actions into your distressed supplier management plan.

Quality Engineering: Is Good Quality More Expensive?
Mar 9, 2018 Stephen Bollas Supplier Quality

Hiring less-talented, lower-skilled workers is a way to save costs, but that strategy comes with a great risk: they’re human, and humans make errors, regardless of how conscientious they are.

Segmentation as a Purchasing Strategy
Mar 2, 2018 Karl Schneider Procurement

From our experience in automotive manufacturing, we’ve found that there are four relationship-based segments which support the creation of a more effective purchasing strategy.

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