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Supplier Assessments Streamline Performance
Aug 29, 2016 William Crane Supplier Assessments

The Launch Director of a rocket destined for space relies on a series of signed-off instructions before a rocket is “go for takeoff.” These operational checklists are meticulously reviewed to assure each flight is executed safely and flawlessly. Similarly, manufacturers must maintain a robust process to efficiently and effectively assess suppliers’ capabilities, operations, and financial stability both early in the supply-building stage and post sourcing to ensure successful production launches and ongoing operations.

Vendor Managed Inventory
Aug 26, 2016 Sime Curkovic Fulfillment

Would you recommend using Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) or Consignment Inventory (CI)? Supply chain management professionals today are asking this daunting question with growing frequency as companies push themselves to do more with less resources.

Advanced Product Quality Planning
Aug 22, 2016 William Crane Quality

Implementing and following APQP is critical when keeping your product launch team on track to meet timeline goals and mitigate risk of product quality defects. Although APQP is most commonly used in the Automotive industry, companies across all industries are rapidly adopting this process and making it a standard procedure.

Supplier Diversity
Aug 19, 2016 William Crane Procurement

Organizations who look beyond the mere social good of engaging diverse suppliers will reap the largest benefit through decreased supplier risk, improved financial performance and strong, cohesive supply base relationships.

Metal Stamping Supply Chain
Aug 15, 2016 William Crane Manufacturing

Suppliers that take action to maintain metrics-based supply chain strategies, execute robust supply chain processes, and institute variable and flexible supply chain models will generate superior supply chain performance in the short and long term.

Competitive Bidding
Aug 12, 2016 Sime Curkovic Procurement

This long term approach to one shot bidding and collaborative costing reduction initiatives will lead to stronger supply partner relationships and enhanced supply chain customer value.

Considerations When Sourcing Casting
Aug 8, 2016 Tony Lancione Procurement

One of the more complex commodities in any industry is metal castings, which have many key commercial factors a procurement professional must consider prior to and during the procurement process.

5 Supply Chain Certifications You Need
Aug 5, 2016 William Crane Strategy

There are many certifications available for supply chain professionals looking to acquire the skill sets to address the complex supply challenges of today. Certifications also provide added credentials that can allow professionals to advance at their current companies or become more attractive candidates in the job market.

Plant Audits -3 Actions for Generating Results
Aug 1, 2016 William Crane Supplier Assessments

Improving the supplier plant audit process results in an enhanced supplier experience allowing companies to de-risk supply over time by proactively identifying continuous improvement opportunities and developing better relationships with their supply partners.

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